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Andrea's dad wedding bear clothes.jpg
Andrea's dad wedding bear.jpg


Created for her niece to honor her grandfather who was ring bearer at her wedding!

Kado's Man United bear_edited.jpg
Kado's Man United bear_edited.jpg


An authentic Manchester United jersey, his favorite team, was a perfect b’day gift!

Highlight Gallery

Dana's mom, shirt & bear_edited.jpg
Dana's mom's.jpg


A keepsake for her mom whose husband was "quite a patriot!"

Diane Hunn bear #18 clothes.jpg
Diane Hunn bear #18.jpg


This friend presented each one in her very large family with a different bear so that they would always remember the patriarch of their family - and kept a few for herself, too!

Hickey bear - Splashes stuff.jpg
Hickey bear.jpg


When they lost their beloved dog, this was the first bear I made to honor a family pet.

Caffrey's bear, clothing (edited-Pixlr).
Caffrey retirement bear.jpg


She and her husband worked for LA County Sheriff's Dep't. She retired first and she'll have happy memories of her years there.

Jacqueline's mom dress - brown & black.j
Jacqueline's mom #1.jpg


A favorite dress of

her mom's was transformed into her bear she calls"Rosie".

Krystn bear #2 clothes.jpg
Krystn's 2nd bear.jpg


A gift for her son in honor of her beloved husband who was the voice for St. Jude's Hospital.

LaDene's 7th bear clothes.jpg
LaDene 7th bear.jpg


One of eight bears to cherish the memory of her beloved daughter

Patti's mom red jacket - Copy.jpg
Patti's mom bear.jpg


Her mom had such beautiful clothes! This is one of three made for the family to keep her memory alive.

Sharon's brother bear & shirt_edited.jpg
Sharon's brother bear & shirt_edited.jpg


This was a favorite shirt of her brother's and a perfect way to keep a  memory of him that makes her smile.

CVC Jersey front & back_edited.jpg
CVC Jersey Bear.jpg

CVC Cycling

One of several made from cycling jerseys. This from my local club.

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